Please feel free to listen to any of these awesome podcasts that we also listen to and chat with. They’re all rad people within the horror podcast community, so give them a try! Also features a few Twitch accounts, art streams and film review sites.

The Girls in the Back Row
Website – http://thegirlsinthebackrow.com
Twitter @TGITBR

Booze, Blood & Gore
Website – https://soundcloud.com/boozebloodgorepodcast
Twitter @boozebloodgore

Final Girls
Website – http://finalgirlshorrorcast.com
Twitter @FinalGirlsHC

The Rants Macabre
Website – http://www.therantsmacabre.com
Twitter @RantsMacabre

Scott & Liam vs. Evil
Website – https://soundcloud.com/scottandliamvsevil
Twitter @scottandliamvs

Website – http://www.movieswithron.com/
Twitter – @MoviesWithRon

Straight Chilling
Website – http://straightchillingpodcast.com/
Twitter – @Str8_Chilling

The Horror Show
Website – http://www.ihatehorror.com
Twitter @ihatehorrorshow

Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/richicrypt
Watch Me Work –  

Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/h0v15

Street Trash
Website – http://streettrashreviews.blogspot.co.uk
Twitch – http://twitch.tv/street__trash

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