In episode 68 of the CTGY Podcast, Kelly & Rich talk about The Deadly Spawn. How much did Kelly hate this one, if the Critters episode is anything to go by?!

Other topics include lots of Halloween talk, lots of action figure talk, Ash vs. Evil Dead, Santa Clarita Diet, Riverdale, Deep Blue Sea 2, Lost in Space, The Meg, Friday the 13th, Chucky, Gremlins and more!

*For some reason this week the audio in Audacity decided to mess me about when in the editing stage so at some points it sounds like either Rich is way ahead of me in the conversation, or we’re just talking over the top of each other.. more so than usual. I did try my hardest to fix it with what I could do, so hopefully you’ll stick with it and keep listening! So sorry.*


Service Announcement – 00:00:30 – 00:01:09
Intro – 00:01:10 – 00:01:59
How are you/what have you been up to? – 00:01:59 – 00:11:28
News – 00:11:28 – 00:30:35
MAIN FEATURE – 00:32:21


Trailer – The Deadly Spawn (1983)
Outro Song – ‘Spawn Lake’, Michael Perilstein

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