In episode 67 of the CTGY Podcast, Kelly & Rich stay at home to discuss The Strangers. How would they survive a house invasion? Is this THE MOST TRIGGERED AND ANGRY Rich has been during an episode? Will the bickering ever end?

Other topics include The Devil’s Rejects, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rory Culkin(?), Friday the 13th: the Game (more, yay!), Unfriended 2 and the dangers of meeting people online.. and more!


TIMESTAMPS: (if you want to skip the BS!)
How are you/what have you been up to? – 00:05:17
News – 00:12:20
MAIN FEATURE – 00:27:13
Trailer – The Strangers (2008)
Outro Song – ‘Turn Around, Look At Me’, Bees Gees

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