In episode 53 of the CTGY podcast Kelly and Rich travel to Bates Motel to talk about Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Other topics include thoughts on Zac Efron playing Ted Bundy, IT trailer 2, Hellboy, Halloween, The Purge TV series, The Exorcist TV series, Leatherface, Cult of Chucky, Summer of ’84 and other things.

We are so incredibly sorry for all the delays and absences over the last couple of months. So many things have been going on including illnesses, generally being busy, not having the funds to actually host any episodes on Soundcloud, Kelly in-between moving houses and other life stresses. We are hoping to have this sorted and get back onto our usual weekly episode train REAL soon. Thank you for sticking by us. xo

Trailer – Psycho (1960)
Outro song – The Sonics, ‘Psycho’

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