In episode 50 of the CTGY podcast, Kelly and Rich celebrate this huge, crazy event by discussing the one and only.. Damien. The Omen (1976)!.. and the remake. Hail Satan!

Other topics include Visage, Alison Road, The Mist TV series, Alien: Covenant, Bride of Frankenstein, Hellraiser: Judgment and more. Also find out what next week’s episode will be when a lucky dip is drawn..

Trailer – The Omen (1976)
Outro song – The Prodigy, ‘Omen’

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Can you believe we’re up to 50 episodes of the podcast? We can’t. We never thought we’d get this far, not in a million years. Thank you always for all your support, your feedback and your listens. We wouldn’t bother if it wasn’t for you.