In episode 18 of the CTGY podcast, Rich and Kelly argue massively about whether or not House of Wax (2005) is a good film. The topic for this weeks episode is indeed the 2005 film and the 1953 film. Prepare for a ton of insults and “no, you’re wrong” comments. An idea for ‘House of Fax’ is brought up, too. Interested, filmmakers? Contact the show!

Also discussed this week is a short review from Kelly on The Neon Demon, rigging customer bells at work to play “Under the Sea”, Rich’s Ghostbusting, Kelly the ex-receptionist of a beauty salon listing various waxing treatments (hire her, go on), the recently released Rob Zombie’s 31 and Don’t Breathe, Stranger Things season 2, American Horror Story, a lot of chat about Paris Hilton’s ‘other’ films, merch bought by lovely listeners, new podcasts, ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’ and probably more things!

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Intro trailer – House of Wax (2005)
Outro song – Deftones ‘Minerva’
Mentions – Final Girls @FinalGirlsHC
Casey @StayWeirdCasey
The Demon Bishop @TheDemonBishop
My Dad Wrote a Porno @DadWroteAPorno