In episode 15 of the CTGY podcast (after Kelly FINALLY tackled editing it) the duo sink their teeth into four vampire movies. Keeping to the theme of 1987, Kelly and Rich compare Near Dark and The Lost Boys and debate which is the better film – in their opinions, of course. The Lost Boys sequels that are also discussed are The Tribe and The Thirst.

The important question that needs to be asked comes up – Severen vs David – who would win in a fight? The possibility of a crossover sitcom featuring Donald Sutherland and Kiefer Sutherland is also brought up.

Other topics in this episode of the podcast include Kelly discussing how she saw Suicide Squad and good grief – gives her opinion on it, Rich giving makeup advice for the girl listeners, a trailer for the upcoming movie Split and yet more chat about Stranger Things.

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Intro trailer – The Lost Boys (1987)
Outro song – Gerard McMann ‘Cry Little Sister’
Other songs – Echo & the Bunnymen ‘People are Strange’
Tim Cappello ‘I Still Believe’