In a brand new feature to the CTGY podcast, Rich and Kelly allow you listeners to go behind the scenes and watch a movie with them. Think of all the things Rich could get away with saying. All the toilet breaks Drunk Kelly might take.

In order for this to work, you must have the film in question at hand, so you can play it at the same time as the duo (they’ll let you know exactly when) and listen along to them ramble throughout it in your ears. This is a work in progress.

When Kelly is too lazy to edit actual podcast episodes, she wants to have a bit of fun by kicking back and watching a movie with her pal Rich. But even better than that, they want YOU to be involved. Entertaining horrors with these two dickheads waffling on throughout it – what could be better? Well, you could watch it alone in peace, but why would you wanna do that?

The full movie we watched on Youtube is listed above if you’d like to listen along to the exact copy.

Bonus episodes of TOTALLY UNEDITED, UNFILTERED content where a panicked Kelly is forbidden from deleting inappropriate comments from Richard are all in this. What might he say? You’ll have to find out.

If the plan intended absolutely sucked – thoughts and abuse or even praise are all welcome.

Comments would be MUCH appreciated.