In episode 14 of the CTGY podcast, Rich and Kelly visit Outpost 31 to discuss all of the things. In particular – The Thing From Another World (1951), The Thing (1982) and The Thing (2011).

Other topics in this rather drunken episode also include American Horror Story, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters and Suicide Squad. Also a couple of British TV sitcoms that definitely need to be watched – Only Fools and Horses and The Young Ones.

There’s also a slight chance that one of the terrible duo may have been taken over by a shape-shifting alien organism that manifested itself as them.. which one?

Apologies for possible poor audio quality this week. We had a whole bunch of technical difficulties (mostly Kelly’s fault) that almost forced us to scrap the entire episode, but we carried on. Editing this was a massive struggle, so it’s relieving to have finally got it aired!

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Intro trailer – The Thing (1982)
Outro song – Stevie Wonder ‘Superstition’