In episode 10 of the CTGY podcast, we get inside the box and tear apart Hellraiser! We have a conversation about the first film and then Hellraiser II, when we first saw the films, how we feel about them and if Kelly will ever bother to see any more after this..

So Episode 10! We are SO thankful to everyone that has actually bothered to take the time our of their day to listen to our episodes – especially to those that have stuck with us throughout it all. That includes all the awful audio issues, the terrible shark puns, and now.. tonight KILL OR NO DEAL, a new gameshow that we.. may never do again. Rich will be thankful for that..

We really appreciate any listens, downloads, rates and reviews. We’re working on being better than ever (so there is a lot of work to do) but we’re determined. We love you ghouls, so much.

Intro trailer – Hellraiser (1987)
Outro song – Ozzy Osbourne ‘Hellraiser’